our philosophy

marc+mark has one aim: teaching your nanny how to cook for YOUR children.

With decades of combined experience, Marc Leandro, Mark Boquist, and their consulting chefs approach this goal with talent, integrity, and unbridled creativity. In working with each family, we begin without menu templates or cookie-cutter formulas — our goal is to understand how your kids eat, and then find ways to best foster in them healthy eating habits, with an overarching focus on healthfulness, vibrant flavor and variety.

We work with only a small number of clients at a time, as we dedicate the resources of two chefs to each family, with an initial assessment, an intensive two-day instruction session for your nanny, and after, a month of follow-up advice through email.

Our long-term goal is to adapt our menus and recipes to your children’s changing needs and tastes. We are excited to be offering our unique service to the families of New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.