our signature nanny consultation

1. Assessment
marc+mark begin your consultation with an assessement of how your child currently eats. We learn about their existing habits, and take note of particular aspects you’d like to see change for the better. By building on the good eating patterns your child already has, and noting the areas needing improvement, we devise recipe-based strategies to foster healthy choices now and in the future. The initial assessment takes place with you - in person, by email, or on the phone - once you’ve filled out our marc+mark dietary questionnaire.

2. A Plan
After the assessment, marc+mark create a game plan that specifically suits your child's needs. Some clients desire a school lunch plan, others focus on dinnertime, and still others will desire a selection of healthy snacks for throughout the day – most prefer an assortment culled from each category.

3. Recipe and Menu Creation
With a plan in place, we create a unique, easy-to-understand Recipe Portfolio that we will teach your nanny. We take particular care to accommodate all manner of dietary considerations, from gluten-free to Kosher and vegetarian, among others.

4. Instruction
Nanny instruction sessions last for two days. We work with both newly-hired nannies preparing them to meet your child's needs from day one, and with long-time existing nannies.  The first day covers all aspects of food preparation and service, with a focus on selecting the best organic ingredients at the market, and maintaining hygienic work practices at all times. Once those basics are covered, the cooking begins immediately. Day 2 continues the cooking intensive as nannies prepare more items from your unique Recipe Portfolio, and receive our comprehensive feedback. By the end of the second day, your nanny will have prepared many of the recipes in your menu file, and will have the training to easily prepare them all.  After we finish, your nanny is marc+mark certified.

5. One-Month Email Follow-Up
marc+mark’s Signature Nanny Service includes follow-up recipe and instruction advice via email for a period of one month, and a discounted rate for additional in-person consultations is offered. Emails sent before noon on weekdays will be responded to that day, and those sent after noon will be responded to the following business day.

marc+mark Signature Nanny Consultation is $3200 + the cost of food during instruction.

(marc+mark also offers a parallel consultation for parents or housekeepers, for households without a full-time nanny).


marc+mark clients are given access to our exclusive dinner party service for intimate gatherings of 6-20 guests at your home. 

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